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Kid World

Real World. Real Kids.

Kid World is a safe environment for your children to learn about Jesus with other kids their age! We are located directly above our Little Paws Preschool and right across the breezeway from the Sunday School hallway. Please take a moment to see what all our kids get into! 

Sunday School



Our Sunday School program in Kid World is something you'll want your children to be a part of. Sunday morning as you are heading to your Sunday School class you can feel comforted knowing your child will participate in breakfast, games, and of course a Bible centered lesson taught by one of our friendly volunteers. Our classes are divided by grade: three and four years olds, kindergarten, 1st and 2nd, 3rd and 4th, and 5th through 6th grade. Please feel welcomed to stop by Kid World for a visit! 


Children's Church



During our 11:00 worship service you have the option of sending your child to Children's Church. Once we reach the tithes and offering portion of our service your child may walk down from with one of our volunteers and will be walked up to Kid World for a service catered to their age based needs. Your child may be picked directly after service in Kid World. Children's Church is for children in grades 1-4. We also provide Preschool Church for children three to five years of age. 

Ra's & Ga's



Our Royal Ambassador and Girls in Action program is a great way for your child to learn the importance of missions, life skills, and of course more about Scripture. RA's and GA's run from grades 1st through 6th. Your child may be dropped off in their class room before you go into our Wednesday night worship service and picked up directly after. We would love to have your child in our RA and GA ministry today! 

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